Ukelele Mashup: 3 canciones con 4 acordes básicos (C-G-Am-F)

Actualizado: feb 17



C Well you done done me and you bet I felt it G I tried to be chill but your so hot that i melted Am F I felt right through the cracks and i'm tryin to get back C before the cool done run out i'll be givin it my best test G and nothing is gonna stop me but divine intervention Am F I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

C G But I won't hesitate no more Am F no more it cannot wait, I'm yours!

------- C-G-Am-F



C G Por ti todo lo que hago lo hago por ti Am

Y es que tú me sacas lo mejor de mi Soy todo lo que soy F Porque tú eres todo lo que quiero (x2)





C G People killing people dying Am Children hurtin you hear them crying F Can you practice what you preach C Would you turn the other cheek G Father Father Father help us Am Send some guidance from above F Cause people got me got me questioning C Where is the love G where is the love Am where is the love F where is the looooooooooooooovveee!


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